Egypt: Shattered Order — Development Roadmap

Egypt: Shattered Order — Development Roadmap

I thought that a development roadmap is a great way to create a framework for more detailed updates in the future, so I sat down and thought of everything I’ve already done and what I’m planning to do. It’s not a complete list — many technical things I could not even remember because I’ve been only focusing on the story recently. This goes on to show the value of such a roadmap and how it can keep me in line… and anxious, too; it helped me see that the storyline on which I’ve been working so hard did not even cover half of what I’m striving for with this game.

Anyway, here it goes.

Core Functionality (90%)

Step Completion
Engine 100%
Mechanics (Most game mechanics are currently functioning, but have not yet been tested with the story. Bugs may appear as content is added.) 90%
Saving System 100%
In-Game Menu 70%

Story (70%)

Step Completion
Early Years (46 out 47 branches completed, a few problematic places left.) 97%
Late Years (A few branches still remain untouched.) 80%
City Exploration (50 out of 60 possible exploration stories finished.) 83%
Ma’at Events (Have to be written after the mess with resources is figured out for optimal balance and to eliminate the need to re-do it.) 20%

Activities (70%)

Step Completion
Buildings (The city screen is functioning; most buildings have descriptions and some effects have been added to them.) 60%
Policies & Technologies (Most policies and technologies are finished, but the exact effects each of them is going to have on the game is still to be determined in the test build.) 80%

Resource Management (10%)

Step Completion
Resource Management (Resources are already implemented and every choice has an estimated effect on them already, but the optimal balance is yet to be found.) 20%
Balance (Effects of policies, technologies, events, choices, and everything else have to be glued together so that game is balanced and fun to play for everyone.) 0%

Visuals (0%)

Step Completion
Artist Found (I have not begun searching for an artist yet as the story has to be finished and tested first.) 0%
Concept (The “ancient egyptian drawings that move as the story progresses” havr to be approved as a viable idea and drawn by the artist.) 5%
Logos, capsule images (Beautiful art has to be drawn for the steam page, website, etc. to capture attention of people interested in the game.) 0%
User Interface (The user interface works and I have an idea of how it should look; however the artist that is going to work on the game might have better ideas.) 10%
Art (All the art has to be drawn by the artist - backgrounds, characters, UI elements, etc.) 0%
City Map (Giant amount of resources are yet to be spent on this.) 0%
Implementation (All the art has to be implemented into the game.) 0%
Steam Cards (Steam cards might be their own can of worms.) 0%

Music (25%)

Step Completion
Get Composers on Board (Two great composers with experience in recreating Ancient Egyptian music have agreed to be a part of the project.) 100%
Fine-Tune 0%
Loop & Edit (A professional might be able to do this.) 0%
Implementation (Story has to be complemented by music in a fitting way.) 0%

Extras (4%)

Step Completion
Weighing of the Heart (The judgement of Osiris; the final screen that, Telltale Games-like, shows the highlights of your game, and, Civilizion-like, makes up a name for you that best describes your reign.) 0%
Mac Release 0%
Achievements (
From time to time, I think of achievements that can be implemented and write descriptions for them. 7/30 so far.)
Localization (Some people expressed willingness to help localize the game for Russian audience.) 0%
Credits 0%