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Thursday, 24.05.2018
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Humans are much like cancer selves
Continually feeding, breeding, growing;
Entirely unaware
that this action will eventually lead to their own destruction
For this behavior
Eventually kills the host in which they inhabit
And in turn courses their own elimination
In the end the fundamental difference
between development and destruction
is a question
Can change occur?
What is needed for change?
A catalyst,
an ignition source.
And where does this come from?
Only an ignition source of great magnitude
can begin the changes course.
A source of purity and undeniable desire,
A source found only deep within human emotion.
The very place that the human part of an aeolation began
It is only that they may face
The machine
The protest of change
Lives without challenge of strength
between the human emotion and the machine
So exists the question.
Can change occur?
Can change occur?

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Tragedy Machine - The Question lyrics

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