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Friday, 22.06.2018
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these silly games that we chose to play
will lead us in circles
let's break away
drop this sherade
and we'll wander where the wind blows
no I don't care
take me anywhere
just don't be afraid to speak your mind
and don't wait in line for me to reply
it's just you and I with nothing in between
let's enjoy our company

Lie down next to me
and breathe in this moment
right now
don't keep me waiting
in love undefined
we intertwine
we will remember for the rest of our lives

Candles cry
as we tread deeper into the night
when silence settles in
I wonder what you're thinking
this is something beautiful
I cannot walk away
leaving here would only bring regret to me someday
and that's why we stay


These Trading Voices's This Moment lyrics were written by a man with only his ears and fingers in use.
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Trading Voices - This Moment lyrics

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