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Tuesday, 22.05.2018
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I awake to grey skies every single day
it doesn't matter if the sun comes out to play
cause I designed these walls myself
and they are without windows
they're made of tears and anger
protecting me from the danger
but it gets lonely here sometimes
that's when I start to question why
I would do this to myself
just because of someone else
and the way they treated me
like I was not a human being
time has done it's best to heal
the rest is up to me

Could you remind me how it feels to fall in love?
it's been so many years
and I refuse to waste away in fear
avoiding pain
was like hiding from the rain
so take me with you

since the day I met you
I would question every move
over analyzing the little things you do
I would try anything to eclipse you in my mind
lead a busy life
but you'd always seem to be there
every time I closed my eyes
I don't want to fight this anymore
take the key
and if the locks have rusted over
run and get the gasoline
and burn down everything you see
until there's only you and me
standing face to face
the way it's supposed to be


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Trading Voices - Take Me With You lyrics

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