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Tuesday, 22.05.2018
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I wandered away from you years ago
no fault of your own
it was time for me to stand alone
I had to see with my own eyes
I had to dream for my own life
and now that I know

will you take me home?
take me in
I've been around the world and back again
after everything I've seen
we are all I can believe
you were meant for me

I've sailed the seas
wandered alone down the darkest streets
I've loved
I've lost
I've paid the price for every line I've crossed
and everywhere I go
everything I do
all roads lead me back to you
so here I am
nowhere left to roam

you won't know what you got 'til it's gone
and you're on the outside looking in
and everything that you have doesn't match
everything that you had with the bond of the past


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Trading Voices - Take Me Home lyrics

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