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what have you done?
and what in the world have you become?
a hollow shell of your former self
you had the fire in your eyes
so in love with life
with your arms spread open wide
the world was on your side
somehow you kept your feet on the ground
while your head remained in the clouds
thought you were never coming down

but that was years ago
and I don't know you anymore
you're not the one I adore
but I will hold you in my mind
wrap my arms around the heart I can't replace
I'll remember you this way

just one more time
a thought that will haunt you for the rest of your life
took your hands away from the wheel and let addiction drive
words turned to lies
and you'd do anything to hide the truth
from the ones who cared the most about you
we had to watch you crumble
we had to watch you die
and we tried to tell you with tears in our eyes
screaming you can change you can change
just throw it away
return to your friends we will love you the same as before
you don't gotta run anymore

some nights when I close my eyes
I envision your return
I awake with a faded picture of the way we were

I can feel it when the day goes down
and I can feel it when you're not around
it's in the air
it's down below
everywhere we go
a chemical flow
you're close enough to touch
and I can't seem to reach
but I will not retreat

I'm gazing into you
like a red moon rising
I will breach the sky between
and pull you close to me

maybe you've been burned
lost your love to another girl
did she let you down?
leave a bitter taste in your mouth?
if you're afraid that I'll do the same
use you up
throw you away
you've got to let that go
cause she's not me, no
I've been alone for a long time
reading the signs
waiting for you to rise
so you can cut the chase
and throw your disguise to the flames
cause your eyes have already given you away

you can hide behind the clouds for now
keep yourself concealed
you won't change the way I feel


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Trading Voices - Red Moon Rising lyrics

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