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Friday, 22.06.2018
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I realize that you've always wanted more
but I know there's something else in store for me
the vision's clear
my destiny awaits me many miles west of here
where the redwoods grow
I've never lived there
but it feels like home
you've known this since you began to chase
since the night that we embraced
nothings changed

catch me
catch me if you can
I'm not trying to break you
just shake shake shake you
catch me
catch me if you can
you might be the one
but I don't have time to fall in love

I've heard them say that you cannot save the world
all these shattered lives
and I maybe just one girl
but it doesn't hurt to try
I've been stranded here for far too many years
planning my escape
counting down the days
you're wonderful, but now is not the time
some things are bigger than you and I

You're slowing down
I can see it in your eyes
you're running out of energy to sacrifice
I should move on
but I'm not ready to let this die
so I will give you some of mine


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Trading Voices - Catch Me lyrics

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