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Tuesday, 22.05.2018
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I never thought I'd ask you to be someone else
To change your ways, be the one I need
Every time I try, I break you down
Your voice cries out till you can't breathe

And I'm loving the way that you're feeling me now
Please tell me this will never end
‘Cause I just want another place, just another time
Where I can get away, away from all the things that I've become
I wanna say

Just get out, you leave, I can't take you this way
By the time I can move on you'll be back just to say
I'll be the one that you want, I'll be the one that you need
Can you forgive me, never forget me

I take a deep breath, step out on stage
Grab the mic, wipe the sweat from my face
I just want to give you the words you need
My voice cries out till I can't breathe

I wanna fight for you, tell me I'm the one
I can't stand to think we'll ever be apart
I wanna know that I won't take another fall
I can't let you in, your lies have gone too far

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Static Cycle - Never Forget Me lyrics

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