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Tuesday, 22.05.2018
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I'll say that I can defend this life has worth in the end
If you let go of my wrist and the bottle at your lips
I feel your fist on my face, you take a swing for a taste
You never give it enough, you always waste it away

You're spinning out of control, making memories erase
I'm going out of my mind, don't try and run from this place
I'll sit down at my feet, I know that I can't believe
That you will change for you

That's when your walls come crashing down
I see the pieces hit the ground
And I know you can't erase the pain
‘Cause I've seen the scars this life has made
Don't wait for time to change, don't wait for life to end
Break down on me, break down on me, tonight

Step away, don't give in, stay away from that life
It's not a game you can play, you can see it's a lie
It's taken all of your friends, it’s taken half of your mind
It's never given you hope, it's time to put up a fight

I know you wanna give in, it's an easy escape
But it's far from the way to heal all of this hate
You can't afford to step back, I know there's nothing to lose
Just try and change for you

Your walls, they break down
I can finally see your face
I'm so scared of losing you
You're halfway to my arms
Tonight we'll break free from the pain that's held you tight
You're scared again, you're not alone, you're holding me

Let your walls come down, let your walls come down
Break down on me, break down on me (x2)

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Static Cycle - Break Down On Me lyrics

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