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Tuesday, 22.05.2018
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Sadness builds while happiness just passes by
Violently I still try to relieve myself from the depression why
So much to live for
Sooner or later these feelings they will subside inside

Agonizing over who I am
In solitude is where I feel I stand
Take another drink to block the pain
Swearing at myself for my mistakes
Will I make it through more years and rise above my fears
Or will I fall away

I've tasted the love and the hate
For this I try to find the right or wrong reasons to die
Things are difficult now so I contemplate
And try to find the right or wrong reasons to die

Several reasons I cannot let go
For the people that still hold me close
Life is never really all that bad
Keep telling myself as I'm looking back

Contemplate my own fate
Stuck in this hole
And now the walls start to close
I close my eyes
And scream for my life

These Signs of Betrayal's Contemplate lyrics were written by a man with only his ears and fingers in use.
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Signs of Betrayal - Contemplate lyrics

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