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Thursday, 24.05.2018
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Step inside the empty room with me
The walls are white for an enlightening
Experience but never mind the pads
Let's sit in silence with the hour glass

Wake up, the noises are deafening
Wake up, this is all just a dream

I see your tears of compassion
Falling for reasons you need
To live your chaotic fashion
And justify your blame on to me

Close the door, isolate time with me
But never mind all these formalities
They keep us safe from all the disarray
And let us sleep here in this conscious state

I see you every time I dream
The still frame images of you and me
Here face to face exchanging lines
Unfold your life, you'll see it's mine

These Signs of Betrayal's Catatonic lyrics were written by a man with only his ears and fingers in use.
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Signs of Betrayal - Catatonic lyrics

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