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Friday, 22.06.2018
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World of Insanity

At the height of
Scientific progress
It was not new birth,
But Day of Judgment

The pursuit of
High Technologies
Reached a deadlock
Mankind’s ideo lo gies

It is not only for me
This world of insanity

The human race was self-destroyed
By it’s own evolution
Screaming voices trembled void
But soon choke with their pollution

Vaults suddenly were closed with rust
Violent Tempest of the wisdom
Dust covered land of Grief and lust
The beauty of the future kingdom

We want them to let us understand
What have we become?
Are your children almost ready to stand?
Is the sun shining for us yet?

You can love it for free
This world of insanity

These Fiend's World Of Insanity lyrics were written by a man with only his ears and fingers in use.
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Fiend - World Of Insanity lyrics

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