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Thursday, 19.07.2018
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Coming through the times
With the smile in darkest eyes
Ghost of pain and fear
Is already here

Makes the world to sacrifice
Spreading hellish wings
He will punish us for all our sins

The Only smell of death's around
And wind's without a sound
And the blood will flow down to the ground

There's no hope inside
The eyes of ghost are full of hate
The souls are burning in hell
It's useless now to hide
To die alone is our fate
The ghost whispers the spell

Praying for nothing and crying for life
Screaming in silence we're diving in lie
Damning the future we try to forget
All expectations are killed by the sense of regret

Disappearing in the dark
Crashing walls of glass
Our century's going to pass

Wind brings the pieces of glass and the stones
Ghost plays his ritual song on the bones
Earth feels the God of Destruction's embrace
There is no life here,just awful and cold empty space

These Fiend's The Ghost lyrics were written by a man with only his ears and fingers in use.
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Fiend - The Ghost lyrics

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