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Thursday, 19.07.2018
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My only wish is to come back again to hell
My fucking time is to the end and I rebel
I'll raise my bloody hands to you and you will die
I'll damn your soul and take your life

The storm is crushing down the air and spreads the dust
She shivers in the rain and speaks to him so fast
"I know you feel me, I will try to wake you up!" but
The stone is cold without a heart

You see my eyes... (I see but I'll never ever hear you!)
You feel my breath... (I feel but you'll never hear my voice!)
These words that are cursing my heart! (I will slowly kill your empty soul!)
Save me from this love apart! (You will never feel my poise!)

She's breaking down inside and feels its fucking cold
"Don't leave me now, I'll give you all my life and soul!
Don't disappear, I will be forever yours!"
But he is able just to curse

These Fiend's Sleeping Angel lyrics were written by a man with only his ears and fingers in use.
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Fiend - Sleeping Angel lyrics

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