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Friday, 22.06.2018
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Darkness spreads around
Fever goes through your skin
And now it's time to

Light up this dark and come from the cloaking haze
I want to see every face of yours
And now I summon exiles, emperors, beggars and monarchs
It’s time to leave your thrones and
Forget your slums of poverty
Come closer now and listen to me
You see the fire in my eyes
It’s providence

You arise from the depths and walk down from the blackened sky

I speak your fate
I, the prophecy
This world’s on the tip of my tongue
I know the way
I, the prophecy
Existence's in my arms

I lead you through the future of the world
The truth is clear to me
The ground is trembling under your legs
The dust of time will arise

The great changing is coming forth

Be ready or eternity will devour you
And even a dumb won’t be silence
Your kingdoms, your empires
Will fall down as soon as the time will
Dictate its own will and conquer you

I am, I, the prophecy
I speak, I speak your destiny
I am, I, the prophecy
I will open your eyes

The fallen will rise
But tyrants will be gnawing the bones in their fucking cages
And every fucking thing on this earth has its own end,
Power, authority, feelings and existence
Only the universe will see the end of time

These Ease Of Disgust's I, The Prophecy lyrics were written by a man with only his ears and fingers in use.
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Ease Of Disgust - I, The Prophecy lyrics

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